#Design – mobile app version for my new smartphone

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As the title says, I bought a new smartphone! Samsung Galaxy A51.
No this is not a review post, but this new device gives me some inspiration to build a mobile design for him. And this is the result!

Ok, this is a simple design, to show up my new partner, but is so simple because I’ve used a new design tool, FIGMA.
I used to develop my designs using Adobe XD, it’s a very powerful tool, but people talk a lot about figma. Why?

Well, after a house using figma and view some tutorials on youtube, to see how it works, the best PRO feature about this tool is running on the browser. For me, Adobe XD is a most practical tool, in my opinion, and use. But I will not enter in this topic right now, that’s another post.

So, what you think about this design? If you want to know the color codes and copy them, here they are! 😂


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